Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, new adventure!

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season was less stressful than mine. I hope next year I remember I don't really like the holidays anymore and book a flight to St. Martin or something for Christmas. It's hard being Santa. That's all I will say about that.

But this new year brings a new adventure for me. My first winter vacation. This weekend we are headed to the Rocky Mountains for a full week of winter sports. Dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, and the never-more-to-be-dreaded skiing. I will finally try out skiing in the west, and see if it is better than East Coast. I am hoping for the sake of my vacation that it is much, much better. As in don't throw my back out better.

Usually we hit the beach in the winter, but I'm very pale and can't really do that too much. I've never seen the Rockies, and am excited to see Vail and Boulder. I hope the little guy is excited too!

So far we've spent more than the price of our flights on gear. New jackets, snowpants, boots, long underwear, hats, gloves, socks. If I were going to the beach it would just be a bikini and cover up. Winter vacations are expensive!

But this is the year for new things. On New Year's Day I jumped into the freezing Atlantic Ocean to celebrate this. Yes, it was cold. And no, the air temperature did not make the water seem warmer than it was. I think that is just a giant freaking lie. The sand was the worst part. I don't have water shoes and the sand was like tiny, extra-sharp knives digging into my soft winter feet. The polar plunge was after I ran a 10K (under an hour, half hungover!) so I can confidently say 2013 is the year it all changes for me.

Adventure awaits!