Thursday, May 16, 2013

Twitter speak

I just went to Twitter to post a bunch of things then remembered. I sort of have a blog.

So here are a few things in my head this morning.

1. It was really hard for me to leave my house this morning. I just wanted to stay home. I ended up running back into the house two times for my water bottle and phone and got to walk (sprint) through the back door area where all the herbs are in pots waiting to be put into the ground. The lilac and dogwoods are blooming. It was a cloudless, blue, May sky and the sun was rising. I could smell spring and my trowel and gardening gloves were laying on my gardening bench waiting for me.

2. Even though I ended up leaving fairly late (I hate that 6:55 AM is late) I got my free parking spot at the station. This is a always a sign of a good day.

3. This week I began walking from North Station to my office in Chinatown. It's just over 1 3/4 miles, so I end up walking about 3 miles total there and back. I get to see a lot of Boston I forgot was there, discover new things, and just look up in awe at the truly uniqueness of the city's architecture. I mean, 300 year old buildings next to giant glass skyscrapers. Pretty cool.

4. This is the season of birthdays. Friday is my father's 71st birthday and Sunday is my nephew's 7th birthday. I got them the same gift. gift cards. The future is weird.

5. I went to the and tried to read two articles that caught my eye. I couldn't because I don't subscribe. I thought about purchasing an online subscription, but it's pretty pricey for online only. Sure, the first four weeks are $0.99 a week, but after that it's $4 a week! $16 dollars a month is more than double what I pay for unlimited movies streamed directly into my TV per month. It's half the price of my gym membership. And about 4 lattes. hmmm. Perhaps I should reconsider.

6. I am in a month of meetings making me feel very hectic. However, last week the stress transformed into a "can't control it, screw it" mentality and I am no longer a person who rushes around. Or has much memory for details. Or can plan more than 48 hours in advance. Which is why we still have no concrete plans in our house to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this weekend. Although I think we may have a babysitter. I'm not sure. If all else fails, we are invited to a BBQ Saturday evening where we can just relax. Our tentative plans are dinner at a steak house and seeing the new Star Trek movie. I am pretty excited about it. It's like...a date!