Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday it was warm out. It smelled like spring, and there was lots of melting. It was beautiful.

It's February and I keep trying to be positive. Last week began as a very dark week for me mentally, not because of any 1 reason, and in fact I tried really hard to be bright and cheery. It didn't work. Until Thursday really. This is the main thing about depression that sucks, the inability to crawl out from under a mood without a major thing happening. For me it was a Tuesday night freak out. Screaming, wailing, whining. Whining. Ugh. Perhaps I should go back on my meds.

But then a wonderful thing like sunshine happens. Maybe I am just low on my vitamin D. I think I will pick up some today and start taking it. Because this weekend in the sunshine I was very happy to do anything. Get paint samples, run, shovel ice. Normal things.

My new med will be D.