Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday it was warm out. It smelled like spring, and there was lots of melting. It was beautiful.

It's February and I keep trying to be positive. Last week began as a very dark week for me mentally, not because of any 1 reason, and in fact I tried really hard to be bright and cheery. It didn't work. Until Thursday really. This is the main thing about depression that sucks, the inability to crawl out from under a mood without a major thing happening. For me it was a Tuesday night freak out. Screaming, wailing, whining. Whining. Ugh. Perhaps I should go back on my meds.

But then a wonderful thing like sunshine happens. Maybe I am just low on my vitamin D. I think I will pick up some today and start taking it. Because this weekend in the sunshine I was very happy to do anything. Get paint samples, run, shovel ice. Normal things.

My new med will be D.

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brentchambers said...

A part of me misses the bleak, overcast climate of the east coast. Winters of snowfall and slush... ah yes. I grew up in Maryland and went to school in Arizona, and I'm still here. Winter depression is a common affliction for those who live in northern states that get drastic fluctuation in climate. Its actually called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Best thing for it is to get out more! Recent studies have also shown that nothing can really substitute the nourishment we get from the sun. :P Outside is the place to be! Move to warmer climates! /rant

I like your blog :)