Monday, August 25, 2008

A new blog

I decided to start a blog today. Another one actually. For the past few months I have been blogging about gardening, but having to keep my writing plant and flower related is a little constricting, and I have no use for the myspace "blog" as I find myspace to a be a bit useless unless I'm bored and stalking people from my past. And I'm kind of over the whole stalking thing now. I just don't care at this point what the girl from the 2nd grade who sat next to me is doing. If they were really interesting I would be hearing about them on the news or at the very least on Cops. So this is my venue to free write. Publicly. Why so public? Cause it will motivate me a bit. I can write all I want in my journals, then bury them in a box to rediscover them in a few years, musty and broken, then get all freaked out at reading writing I don't recall writing. Or, I can use a free public venue to post my thoughts, perhaps gain some feedback, and maybe, just maybe, get off my ass and work towards a real body of work. This may not be interesting all the time, but there is a chance it will be at least on some days. Those days when I have free time at work (like now) due to a database malfunction or lack of task list, when staring out the window at the manicured courtyard gets boring. And my mind is working or wants to work.

There is no structured forum here, it's just my thoughts in random order. Sometimes wise, sometimes obvious. Enjoy.

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Lorita said...

Sounds like fun! One of these days I might join you in this whole blogging world. Then again, I'm not sure I'm that committed :-)