Monday, February 15, 2010

It's nice to be wrong

Valentine's Day was yesterday, and I received a valentine!!

I know, it sounds silly. I'm a married woman, of course I would receive a Valentine. But that's not really true. I live and am married to a man who just doesn't like holidays. Except Thanksgiving, because there is no expectation there. I love holidays, and have been known to celebrate Bastille Day (July 14) even though I'm not French and have only been to France once. In his mind, however, Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday. To me, it is an extension of my childhood memories.

My family has always celebrated Valentine's Day. I remember receiving a heart-shaped box of conversation hearts when I was 3 or 4 and loving it. Each year my parents would give us candy, and when I started dating I looked forward to receiving flowers and candy. I never expected anything else. Just candy. Flowers were a maybe, and always appreciated. Plus, Valentine' parties in school rocked. Dessert, cards, and paper hearts.

I'm not going to broach on the history of Valentine's Day. I will only say that it's a saint's day, Cupid is as old as the Greek and Roman myths, and I love the Victorian tradition of trading cards.

Now, the past few years I've fought with dear husband about the importance of V-day. I see it as a fun day, where you get to share your love with someone. Yes, I get that every day, but do you know what I don't get every day? Flowers, a lovely card, or silly candy in a heart shaped box. This day is a long 6-weeks after Christmas, and falls in a cold month here in the north east. It's nice to look forward to some fire.

This year I was determined to be OK if he didn't do anything for the day. I sent out my cards to my family and friends, bought him a small gift and his favorite chocolate treat, and picked a cute card.

Preparing for nothing really led to an exciting day. I received the trifecta. Flowers (12 dozen beautiful red roses), candy (Godiva chocolate), and jewelry (a gorgeous white and black diamond heart necklace). And....a card.

The card in itself was a miracle. In the past ten years, dear husband has given me probably 4 cards...2 of which were birthday cards. Cards belong to holidays, and well, as already stated, he just doesn't do them. That card meant more to me than the Valentine trifecta. It also brought the day back to basics for me. Trading sweet notes and poems, surprises, and love.

Although I am a sucker for some nice flowers.

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Anonymous said...

I don't really do the cards myself, so I understand. Its very sweet that you got the trifecta! Kudos to DH.