Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh look at that moon!

So I read my horoscope once every two or three months. I'm not one of those daily people who are looking for guidance, but do believe the movement of the stars and planets have an impact on our biorhythms and such on a cyclical level. And the moon. Hey, the moon controls the tides and our bodies are like 75% water, I do not see how the moon couldn't have a pull on us in some way. One of my favorite essays is by Barbara Kingsolver from her book High Tide in Tuscon where a hermit crab living with her in Arizona begins responding to time high tide would have been in Tuscon had there been any water around.

The moon is a fantastic thing.

Last night when I peeked my head out the back door I saw it rising through the trees. It made me want to brave the mosquito and tick infested backyard, where there was surely a skunk lurking (OK, maybe they don't lurk, but they scrounge for food at night. And while I think skunks are cute and they can eat all the grubs in my lawn they want, I dont want one trotting up to me while I'm looking at the moon. Because I scream when startled and would be sprayed.) But anyway, the moon was pretty. And almost full.

Tonight is the full moon. It rises here at 8:28 PM, 8 minutes after sunset (how exciting that the sun is setting at 8:28 and not 4:30? I love summer).

Not sure if it's the moon or what, but today I have extra energy. My 5 AM run was longer than my previous 2 runs, and I managed to water the lawn, make my son's lunch, and water the downtown planters before going to work. I'm hoping to harness the rest of the energy after work to clean my house. At least wash the floor.

But the plan for tonight is to light a fire, watch the moon, and enjoy this summer night.

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