Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October ate my soul

I really meant to write more in October. I even kept a running list of topics to blog about. But I got side tracked. We redid our roof, had the driveway redone, I went to Albany, ran a half marathon, prepped and attended a major conference for work, banged out articles for the paper, attended a 5 hour long town meeting, made Halloween costumes, got snowed on, was nearly killed by a tree (ok, it COULD have killed us but didn't so that is good), now have a giant tree resting on the roof and garage, and whoops, that was October.

My schedule left little time for writing outside of work mandated things. By the end I was mainlining coffee and writing articles in my sleep. However, here is the list of stuff I wanted to write about for this blog, which is my fun writing.

1. How rain wrecks things.
2. What Friendly's means to me (and why Im sad the one near me closed)
3. Music and children
4. Ski mountains
5. Allergies and aging
6. Things you tell strangers
7. Visiting your college 10+ years after graduating
8. I found another Friendly's near me!
9. Why am I presenting this data at 9:30 PM on a Wednesday?
10. Reasons to not like the government...I think I'm a Libertarian
11. Ladybug wins 2nd place
12. BOOM. Or how I did not die.

I making November my clean slate for chaos and also ushering in a favorite project of mine, NaNoWriMo, which is a challenge to write a 50,000 word story in a month (1667 words per day). I have a vague outline and am just going to write up a story I've had in my head all year called In the Year of the Bunnies.

However, in an effort to not ignore this blog, pick a topic from above and post it in the comments and I will write it!


Lorita said...

I vote for "Things you tell strangers"

Catherine M. said...

What Friendly's means to me. We recently went to a Friendly's by Matt's parent's house. It was not as I remembered and I was pretty skeeved out. The menu for one - almost no meal is less than 1,000 calories - was horrifying. I had to get a half a turkey sandwich and a wilted salad to keep it under 500.

Nancy K. said...

I'm with Catherine on Friendly's... it's not what we thought it was in high school and before. But, I think I want to read the things you tell to strangers.

I need to start writing again, too. October at my soul and November is going to do the same thing but December is all mine and I'm taking my life back!

Claire said...

I'll do both suggestions! Things you tell strangers will post this afternoon :)