Friday, April 8, 2011

The Friday Landslide

Friday in my office is hectic. Deadlines loom, authors get nervous, reviewers get defensive, and editors decide to do all their work at once.

This leaves me with a jammed inbox, my normally silent phone rings off the hook (an expression I love), and in general, busy. I'm halfway through my work to-do list, and nervous I'm not going to get to other things like chasing articles for the paper I freelance for, or my lunch.

I'm not sure why Fridays make people want to push their work through. It's not like the weekend really exists anymore with telecommuting and being plugged in 25/7. Yes, 25/7, cause I am always desperate for that extra hour in the day.

So on this Friday afternoon I'm putting my head down and plowing through. Cause I want to get out of here with a minimal to-do list and take a nap on the train. Or play Angry Birds Rio on the train. We'll see.

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