Thursday, April 7, 2011

Right. THIS time I'll stick with it.

Back in business.

I've decided to start a writing project here. I'm going to try to maintain BOTH my blogs. That's right, I've been neglecting 2 blogs in the past year. Because let's face it, I'm a little over extended.

So what's different? Television. I'm going to stop watching television. At work.


Yes, I have an online tv addiction. Hulu is my friend. My best friend. It has allowed me to clean my house at night instead of watching Grays.

Who am I kidding. Instead of watching Grays, I'm watching the Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock. Hulu hasn't given me more time to be productive, it's bogged me down. Do I really need to watch all the bad tv that's out there. Besides, isn't that what I have a DVR for? A DVR that we pay for?!

So goodbye afternoons of Secret Life of the American Teenager. You arent that good anyway.

Hello's been awhile. Be nice.

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