Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring shoes

Every women loves shoes, right?

Not really. I like shoes. I wear them when I have to (which is most of the time). But if we lived in a society where people didn't spit on the sidewalks or there wasn't sharp pointy rocks along the roads, I'd be happier barefoot.

But since society deems it necessary to wear shoes, I follow suit. I like pretty shoes. None of my shoes are uninteresting (OK, up for debate) but when I shop for shoes--which is a rare occurrence--I tend to pick ones I like and not functional ones. This is why my feet often hurt. And why I love summer.

In summer I wear flip flops everywhere. To work, to dinner, in the garden. I have work ones that pass as sandals (really what is the difference), sparkly ones for the weekend, grubby ones for doing nothing in. You throw them on and it's like you aren't wearing shoes.

This morning I put on flip flops. Various weather reports said it was going to be warm. Really warm. And sunny. I walked out of the house at 6:30 to a gray sky, but there were patches of bluish (the sun had barely risen, so color here is "not dark"). I was happy in my flip flops if not a bit chilly. It had rained overnight. But it would warm up, I thought.

Silly girl. Breaking out the flip flops is just giving Mother Nature a reason to change up the weather.

Standing on the train platform my feet felt exposed. I think they started to turn blue. Too late I realized I had a good pair of heels in my back seat. The brown ones that give me blisters. They look good though. But the train was coming and my car was 1/4 mile away.

In Boston the weather was even grayer than the burbs. And cooler. Not open toe shoe weather.

But there was hope. In my office drawer I have a pair of emergency heels. For days the editor is in during the summer. I slipped them on and instantly felt better, even if they are purple fake crocodile or snake skin heels.

What can I say, I like interesting shoes.

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